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UAE Ambassador Condemns Attacks on Civilian Facilities in Gaza

Civilians in Gaza are under peril, with no guarantee of safety even within UN buildings, schools, hospitals, and refugee camps.

Civilians in Gaza are facing a dire situation, with no assurance of safety even within United Nations facilities, schools, hospitals, and refugee camps, as stated by Lana Nusseibeh, the UAE’s Permanent Representative to the UN.

Violation of International Law:

Nusseibeh emphasized that these civilian facilities have been under attack, which is a clear violation of international law, and their protective status must be upheld.

She made these remarks after a closed UN Security Council conference that the UAE and China convened amid the Israel-Hamas conflict. However, the Security Council failed to reach an agreement on a resolution despite over two hours of discussions.

Grave Violations:

Nusseibeh called attention to the “killing and maiming of children,” attacks on schools and hospitals in Gaza, and the denial of children’s access to humanitarian assistance as very grave violations.

The Call for Upholding War Rules:

She stressed the importance of upholding the rules of war. She called on all parties to fully comply with their obligations under international humanitarian law, particularly about protecting civilians and civilian infrastructure.

The UAE strongly condemns all violations of international humanitarian law and violence against civilians, including acts of terrorism and indiscriminate attacks.

Condemnation of Attacks by Hamas and Israel:

Nusseibeh reiterated the UAE’s condemnation of the attacks by Hamas on Israel on October 7, which resulted in a significant loss of lives. She also condemned the indiscriminate attacks by Israel on the Gaza Strip.

In a joint statement with Zhang Jun, China’s Permanent Representative to the UN, the UAE, and China urged the UN Security Council to act urgently and adopt a meaningful and actionable resolution to address the crisis in Gaza.

Concerns Over Ongoing Attacks:

The UAE and China expressed grave concern over the continued attacks by Israel on hospitals, refugee camps, schools, UN premises, places of worship, and other civilian facilities in Gaza.

Escalating Death Toll:

Gaza’s health ministry reported that the death toll from Israeli bombardment in the Palestinian territory had surpassed 10,000 a month after the conflict began.

Ambassador Jun highlighted the ongoing suffering of Palestinian civilians, particularly children, in Gaza. He referred to the region as “a graveyard for children,” echoing concerns raised by several UN officials.

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