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“UAE Airports Advise Early Arrival for Passengers Amid Inclement Weather Conditions”

"UAE Airports Advise Early Arrival for Passengers Amid Inclement Weather Conditions"

Expected Rains and Winds Prompt Airlines to Issue Travel Advisories to Ensure Passenger Safety

As the UAE braces for a spell of adverse weather conditions, with forecasts predicting rain and strong winds across the country until Tuesday, major airlines have issued advisories urging passengers to plan for early arrivals at airports. The move aims to minimize travel disruptions and ensure passenger safety during this period.

Weather Forecast and Impact:

The National Centre of Meteorology has issued alerts for potential reduced visibility and challenging travel conditions due to the anticipated weather. Details on the expected intensity of the rains, wind speeds, and areas most likely to be affected provide a comprehensive overview of the situation.

Airlines’ Advisory:

Leading UAE airlines, including Emirates, Etihad, and flydubai, have confirmed that flights are operating as scheduled but caution passengers about possible road delays leading to Dubai International Airport and other regional airports. Passengers are advised to check their flight status regularly and allow additional time for their journey to the airport.

Passenger Preparation and Safety Tips:

Airlines are offering guidance on how passengers can prepare for their travel, emphasizing the importance of checking the latest flight information and considering alternative routes to the airport. Safety tips for navigating potentially hazardous road conditions are also provided.

Impact on Airport Operations:

Discussion on how the weather conditions might affect airport operations, including potential delays in flight schedules and the steps being taken by airport authorities to minimize inconvenience to passengers.

Quotes from Airline Representatives:

Statements from representatives of the affected airlines, expressing their commitment to passenger safety and smooth operations during the inclement weather period, add credibility and a human element to the story.


As the UAE faces this spell of inclement weather, the proactive measures taken by airlines and airport authorities underscore their dedication to ensuring passenger safety and minimizing travel disruptions. Passengers are reminded to stay informed, plan ahead, and exercise caution as they make their travel arrangements during this period.

Call to Action:

Encouraging readers to follow the latest weather updates and travel advisories, and to reach out to their airlines for the most current information regarding their flights.

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