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UAE advances ambitious radar satellite project “Sirb”

The first satellite under the 'Sirb' name is to take off in 2026.

The first satellite under the ‘Sirb’ name is to take off in 2026.

Strategic Progress

The UAE’s ambition to pioneer highly precise radar satellites has marked a significant stride forward. The UAE Space Agency has initiated the formation of an industrial consortium to drive the “Sirb” project, signaling a crucial development highlighted by the state news agency Wam on Sunday.

Project Timeline

Originally unveiled in 2022, the “Sirb” project aims to culminate in the launch of the first satellite by 2026. This initiative intends to establish a trio of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellites, forming a comprehensive constellation.

Revolutionizing Satellite Imaging

The envisioned SAR satellites hold the potential to produce intricate images capturing land use patterns, ice cover dynamics, and surface alterations. These satellites’ applications span diverse fields, from monitoring oil spills and weather patterns to closely tracking changes in the climate.

Cutting-Edge Capabilities

Radar satellites possess the unique ability to capture high-resolution images regardless of the time of day or atmospheric conditions. This characteristic versatility enhances their utility in various scenarios, offering consistent imaging capabilities in challenging environments.

The UAE’s strides in the development of the “Sirb” project signify a notable leap toward pioneering advancements in satellite technology. This initiative holds promise for revolutionizing imaging capabilities, showcasing the nation’s commitment to innovation and its contribution to scientific and environmental endeavors on a global scale.

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