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U.S. Embassy in UAE Accelerating Visa Processes Amid Demand

In an exclusive interview with Khaleej Times, Ron Packowitz, the country consular coordinator, revealed the challenges faced in meeting the surge in demand for US visas. 

He highlighted that the mission in the UAE is actively engaged in efforts to enhance its capacity and streamline appointment procedures.

Pandemic Impact: Creating a Backlog:

Packowitz emphasized that pandemic-related restrictions significantly impacted visa interviewing processes, resulting in a substantial backlog. 

The necessity of in-person interviews and limitations imposed by local authorities contributed to this backlog. Despite this, there remains an overwhelming interest in US travel, especially post-pandemic travel.

Prioritizing Applicants:

Acknowledging the urgency for specific travelers, Packowitz outlined the embassy’s efforts to prioritize visa interviews. Students, individuals with urgent medical needs, and those with expired visas have been among the priority categories. 

The embassy endeavors to facilitate timely student arrivals and accommodate urgent travel requirements for business purposes or medical emergencies.

Alternate Options and Additional Appointments:

Packowitz noted that applicants aren’t restricted to obtaining appointments in the UAE. They can schedule interviews in other GCC countries or locations based on appointment availability. 

Moreover, the embassy consistently adds daily appointments to alleviate the backlog, urging residents to periodically check the official website for earlier available slots.

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