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U.S. Contemplates Visa Ban for Israelis Involved in West Bank Violence

The US is preparing to impose a visa ban on Israelis who have been involved in violent attacks against Palestinians in the colonised West Bank.

The United States is gearing up to impose a visa ban on Israelis implicated in violent actions against Palestinians in the colonized West Bank, as revealed by a senior official from the U.S. State Department, based on information from AFP. 

Secretary of State Antony Blinken conveyed this decision to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, indicating that the sanctions could be implemented as early as next week. 

The impending visa ban comes in the wake of escalating violence in the West Bank, coinciding with the Israel-Hamas conflict that erupted almost eight weeks ago.

Uncertain Impact as Tensions Rise:

The precise number of individuals affected by the visa ban remains unclear as violence in the West Bank intensifies. 

According to the Palestinian health ministry in the West Bank, nearly 240 Palestinians have lost their lives in clashes involving Israeli soldiers or settlers since October 7.

Blinken’s Diplomatic Efforts and Calls for Accountability:

Antony Blinken, during his third visit to the region since the Gaza war began, urged Israel to take decisive actions against settlers engaged in violent acts against Palestinians. 

He emphasized, “We’re looking to the Israeli government to take additional steps to stop this. And at the same time, we’re considering our steps.”

U.S. President Biden’s Stance on Extremism:

Before these developments, President Joe Biden stated that his administration was prepared to issue visa bans against “extremists attacking civilians in the West Bank.” 

The move signals the U.S. commitment to addressing the escalating tensions and ensuring accountability for acts of violence in the region.

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