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Typhoon Koinu Hits Southern Taiwan, Injures 190

Typhoon Koinu made impact in southern Taiwan, bringing heavy rainfall and winds. While the storm injured 190 people and forced the closure of schools and offices.

Typhoon Koinu landed in southern Taiwan, bringing heavy rain and record-breaking winds. While the storm injured 190 people and led to school and office closures, there were no reported deaths.

Fastest Wind Ever Recorded in Taiwan:

Koinu brought the fastest wind ever recorded in Taiwan as it approached, with wind gusts of 342.7 kph (212.9 mph) and sustained winds of 198.7 kph (123.5 kph) on Orchid Island. Both values set all-time highs since Taiwan began recording wind speeds in 1897.

Weakening and Moving West:

The typhoon is expected to weaken as it moves west toward Guangdong and Fujian provinces in southern China. Its maximum sustained winds measured 155 kph (96 mph) with gusts of 191 kph (119 mph).

The heaviest rain fell in the eastern and southern regions of Taiwan, leading to cancellations of work, classes, domestic flights, and international flights. 

Cities along the west coast, including Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung, reported injuries. Ferries to outlying islands were also suspended.

Potential Impact on China:

Typhoon Koinu is expected to impact coastal areas of southern China over the weekend. Guangzhou canceled some flights and trains, and maritime authorities issued a Level 4 alert. In Fujian province, passenger ferry trips were suspended.

Taiwan is an active region for tropical cyclones, with Koinu being the second typhoon to land in four years. Typhoon Haikui hit the island in early September, injuring dozens.

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