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TV Judge Frank Caprio Shares Emotional Battle with Pancreatic Cancer

Renowned TV Judge Frank Caprio, noted for his unique courtroom style, recently shared some very personal news with his viewers.

Renowned TV Judge Frank Caprio, 87, known for his distinctive courtroom approach, recently shared deeply personal news with his fans. 

In a poignant video, the ‘Caught In Providence’ judge revealed that he has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. 

The news came at an unexpected time, coinciding with what is traditionally one of the happiest days of the year for him—his birthday.

A Plea for Support and Prayer:

Expressing his vulnerability, Caprio shared his emotional journey, recounting feeling unwell after celebrating his birthday on November 24. 

Following a medical check-up, he received the diagnosis and promptly began his treatment. In a heartfelt plea, he requested the support of his fans, asking for their prayers during this challenging time.

“I pray that God guides their thoughts and their hands in their treatment of me. I know this is a long road, and I’m fully prepared to fight as hard as I can,” Caprio stated, acknowledging the power of prayer alongside medical intervention. 

Grateful for the outpouring of support, he acknowledged the importance of the collective strength derived from prayers.

Fans Rally with Messages of Encouragement:

The emotional revelation prompted an immediate outpouring of support from fans and followers. Comments flooded Caprio’s post with well-wishes and prayers for his speedy recovery. 

One user expressed gratitude, saying, “Lifting you up in prayer for sure. You are such a gift to our generation.” Another added, “Sending you a lot of prayers. Thank you for showing us the example of empathy in action.”

A Storied Career Defined by Compassion:

Caprio has served as a Providence Municipal Court Judge since 1985, gaining widespread acclaim for his television show, ‘Caught in Providence,’ which received a Daytime Emmy award nomination in 2021. 

Known for his compassionate, humble, and kind nature in the courtroom, Caprio has endeared himself to viewers for his empathy towards traffic violators and heartwarming interactions with children.

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