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Trina Solar’s $5bn investment to propel solar power in UAE

The firm has provided several services and products to some of the UAE's foremost solar power plans since 2012.

The firm has provided several services and products to some of the UAE’s foremost solar power plans since 2012.

Fostering a Renewable Energy Vision

Trina Solar, a prominent Chinese renewable energy firm, has unveiled plans for a substantial $5 billion investment to establish an integrated solar power generation chain within the UAE.

Pioneering Job Creation and Sustainability

This significant undertaking is anticipated to generate employment opportunities for over 7,000 individuals, contributing to the country’s economic growth while aligning with its commitment to sustainable practices.

Commitment to Sustainability and Innovation

Katherine Gao, CEO of Trina Solar, praised the UAE’s global leadership in championing clean energy initiatives, expressing dedication to forging a more sustainable future. 

She highlighted COP28 as an inspirational platform for leading companies to exhibit innovative services and smart solutions in the realm of renewable energy.

Collaborative Sustainability Initiatives

Emphasizing the collaborative bond between the UAE and China in renewable energy, Gao stressed the strong partnership between the two nations. 

Trina Solar, having contributed services and products to significant solar power projects in the UAE since 2012, aims to further reinforce this alliance through its current ambitious investment venture.

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