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Traveler Arrested at Dubai International Airport for Smuggling Narcotics

After being detained for attempting to smuggle, a visitor from a European country found themselves in legal difficulties at DXB.

A traveler arriving from a European country found themselves in legal trouble at Dubai International Airport (DXB) after being arrested for attempting to smuggle hallucinogenic pills and other illegal narcotic substances into the country.

Hidden Contraband:

The arrest came after authorities discovered a significant amount of illegal narcotics concealed in the traveler’s luggage. The contraband included:

  • 292 hallucinogenic pills.
  • 5 hallucinogenic stamps.
  • 13.84 grams of hallucinogenic powder.
  • 7.38 grams of crack cocaine.
  • 274.59 grams of crystal methamphetamine.

Commitment to Combat Drug Smuggling:

Khaled Ahmed, the director of the Passenger Operations Department at Dubai Customs, emphasized the government’s commitment to safeguarding society from the dangers of illegal drugs. 

He highlighted the dedication of inspectors and officials with high competence, skills, and experience. Advanced inspection devices are employed at airports and customs ports across Dubai to effectively combat drug smuggling.

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