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Travel disruptions impact Eurotunnel and London Euston station

Eurostar has urged customers not to travel on Thursday after it was forced to cancel trains when strike action hit the cross-Channel route.

Eurotunnel Services Halted Due to Strike

Eurotunnel faced a midday service suspension until 15:30 due to a sudden strike, impacting services during the busy Christmas holiday travel period. 

The strike, affecting both Eurotunnel and LeShuttle services, prompted uncertainty regarding the duration of the disruption.

London Euston Station Closure

London Euston station currently experiences service disruption as damaged overhead power cables between Milton Keynes and Watford Junction have led to halted train operations. Incoming passengers are unable to access the station while Network Rail engineers employ drones to assess the cable damage.

Le Shuttle and Passenger Inconvenience

Thousands of passengers, relying on the Le Shuttle service for car transportation via trains through the tunnel, faced delays. Eurotunnel apologized for the inconvenience, promising forthcoming updates on the situation.

Eurostar Advises Travelers

Eurostar, responsible for high-speed train services, advised affected customers to expect direct communications regarding their journeys. It suggested postponing travel if feasible, closely monitoring the evolving situation for updates.

Impact on Channel Tunnel Operation

Getlink, the parent company of Eurotunnel operating the Channel Tunnel, reported complete service interruption due to a strike called by representatives of Eurotunnel’s French site staff unions. Consequently, terminal closures in both France and the UK ensued.

The ongoing disruptions at Eurotunnel and London Euston Station amid the holiday season underscore the challenges facing travelers and transport services, prompting contingency plans and proactive communication to mitigate inconvenience.

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