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“Transforming Faces, Empowering Souls: The Makeup Journey of Abeeha Mamoon”

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Abeeha Mamoon’s journey into the world of makeup artistry has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride, filled with both ups and downs. Despite facing numerous challenges, her unwavering faith and gratitude towards Allah have remained her guiding light. Initially driven by her passion for makeup, it was the encouragement from her cousins, Hira and Hifsa, along
with the support of her sister, Iqra, that propelled her towards pursuing certification in the field.

Since officially entering the profession in 2016, Abeeha has encountered a myriad of obstacles, from long work hours and separation from family to dealing with competition and criticism. However, she firmly believes that every hardship has only served to make her stronger. Abeeha’s love for makeup extends beyond just the artistry itself; it is a reflection of her creativity and self expression. Through her work, she strives to enhance the natural beauty
of her clients while also empowering them with confidence. The transformative power of makeup is not lost on Abeeha, who sees it as a tool for self-discovery and empowerment.

The transformation brought about by her occupation has been profound, shaping Abeeha into a new and unstoppable version of herself. Despite the challenges, what she loves most about her profession is the opportunity to train and educate others. Seeing her students thrive independently brings her immense satisfaction, knowing that she is contributing to their ability to support their families. When asked about her ideals and future plans, Abeeha looks up to her parents as her ultimate role models and draws strength from their example.

For those aspiring to follow in her footsteps, Abeeha advises having confidence, faith, patience, and a commitment to continuous practice. As she continues on her journey, Abeeha remains steadfast in her determination to conquer whatever obstacles may come her way, fueled by her passion for makeup and her unwavering faith in herself.

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