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Transforming Carbon Dioxide: UAE Startup 44.01 Shines at Cop28

44.01, an innovative UAE startup, has captured the focus at Cop28 by exhibiting its creative approach to addressing climate change.

A groundbreaking UAE startup, 44.01, has caught the spotlight at Cop28 by showcasing its innovative approach to combating climate change. 

The company specializes in transforming carbon dioxide into rocks, aiming to expedite the mineralization process and significantly impact environmental preservation.

The Power of Peridotite:

Chalie Booth, Head of Communications at 44.01, explains the unique strategy involving peridotite, a rock abundant in Oman and the UAE. 

This particular stone possesses exceptional capabilities to absorb carbon dioxide. 

While the natural mineralization process takes decades, 44.01 accelerates it to less than a year, pioneering a revolutionary solution to carbon capture.

International Aspirations at Cop28:

44.01, originally founded in Oman and now operating in the UAE, envisions global outreach. 

Positioned in the startup village at Cop28, the company seeks international collaboration to expand its transformative impact. 

Charlie Booth emphasizes the historical neglect of peridotite, a worthless rock until its carbon-absorbing potential was unlocked.

Historical Journey and Earthshot Prize Recognition:

Talal Hasan, the founder 44.01, embarked on this environmental mission after winning the Earthshot Prize in 2022. 

With extensive experience in energy projects across Oman, UAE, and the UK, Hasan recognized the untapped potential of peridotite. 

Collaborating with scientist Juerg Matter, co-founders Karan Khimji and Ehab Tasfai initiated a journey to harness the rock’s transformative power.

Expanding into the UAE: 

Following success in Oman, 44.01 expanded into the UAE with a mineralization pilot in Fujairah.

In partnership with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Fujairah Natural Resources Corporation, and Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar), this project represents the Middle East’s first carbon-negative initiative by an energy company. 

Notably, it utilizes seawater in the peridotite mineralization process, marking a significant milestone in sustainable practices.

Addressing Climate Change Challenges:

Charlie Booth emphasizes that while peridotite mineralization offers promise, it cannot be the sole solution to climate change. 

Acknowledging the need for diverse strategies, he highlights the importance of reforestation, conventional CO2 storage mechanisms, and other techniques. 

44.01 aims to provide solutions where alternative methods might face challenges, making it a potential game-changer for regions like Japan and Southern Europe.

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