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Tragic Traffic Accident Claims Three Lives in Sharjah

Three persons were killed in a tragic traffic collision on Emirates Street in Sharjah on Saturday.

In a devastating traffic accident on Saturday, three citizens lost their lives on Emirates Street in Sharjah. 

The incident, involving a four-wheel-drive vehicle, also left one person injured. The Sharjah Police received a report of the accident and promptly dispatched a team and an ambulance.

Collision with Barrier and Lamp Post:

Upon reaching the site, authorities discovered that the vehicle had collided with a barrier separating the street from a lamp post. 

The impact resulted in the tragic deaths of three citizens and left one individual injured. The nature of the injuries sustained by the survivor was not detailed in the report.

Investigation Points to Speeding and Sudden Turn:

A subsequent investigation into the accident revealed that speeding and a sudden turn caused it. 

The Sharjah Police issued a warning in response, urging motorists to exercise circumspection on the roads, adhere to traffic rules, and reduce speeds to enhance overall road safety.

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