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Tragic Incidents in Pakistan as Domestic Disputes Turn Deadly

According to ARY News, a man named Salman is accused of committing a terrible act in Lahore's Salamatpura neighbourhood.

In a shocking incident reported by ARY News, a man named Salman is alleged to have committed a heinous crime in Lahore’s Salamatpura area. 

The accused reportedly opened fire on his ex-wife and her family as they returned from a wedding event. 

Tragically, the firing resulted in the deaths of four individuals—his ex-wife, her father, sister, and brother. Additionally, a 55-year-old woman named Taj Bibi and a five-year-old girl named Minahil sustained injuries during the incident.

Family Tragedy in Dera Ismail Khan Over Domestic Dispute:

In another distressing event, at least five members of a family lost their lives in Dera Ismail Khan due to a domestic dispute. 

According to details, a man from the Rehmani Khel area killed his wife for reasons yet unknown.

Following this, in a fit of rage, the deceased woman’s brothers opened fire on the man’s father, mother, and sister, all of whom tragically died on the spot.

Karachi’s Baldia Town Witnesses Another Domestic Tragedy:

Adding to the sad narrative, on August 21, another incident unfolded in Baldia Town, Karachi. Noorullah, a resident of Charsadda, allegedly shot his wife to death amid a domestic dispute. 

The Baldia Superintendent of Police revealed that the deceased woman had sought refuge at her parent’s house in Baldia Town two months prior after a quarrel with her husband.

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