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Tragic Demise of Indian Teenager Sparks Grief in UAE Community

On Friday afternoon, a 13-year-old Indian child died in a terrible accident, leaving the community in shock.

In a heartbreaking incident, a 13-year-old Indian teenager passed away on Friday afternoon, leaving the community in shock. The young student had been hospitalized due to a sudden and severe medical complication.

Collapse and Critical Diagnosis:

The tragic event unfolded when the Grade 8 student collapsed at home on Wednesday while engrossed in his studies. 

According to social worker Naseer Vatanappally, who shared details with Khaleej Times, the swift response saw him promptly rushed to the hospital.

Upon reaching the hospital, medical professionals diagnosed the young boy with a brain hemorrhage, a severe condition that warranted immediate attention. Despite being placed on a ventilator, the teenager, unfortunately, did not recover from the critical situation.

Active and Sociable Life Cut Short:

Described as an active and friendly youngster, the late student, as per Naseer, was involved in activities like football and karate. His vibrant social life was evident through his numerous friendships at school.

The grieving family, coping with the sudden loss of their son, expressed their devastation. Naseer sympathized, saying, “I pray they have the strength to get through this difficult time.”

Journey Home and Final Resting Place:

Survived by his parents and a sister, the formalities following his passing will lead to the boy’s body being flown to the family’s hometown in the southern Indian state of Kerala. 

The sad journey marks the final chapter for the young teenager who left behind memories of an active and vibrant life.

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