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Tragic Casualties in International City Fire Incident

On Saturday afternoon, a large fire destroyed a medium-rise residential structure in International City.

In a tragic incident on Saturday afternoon, a massive fire consumed a medium-rise residential building in International City Phase 1. 

Authorities reported the unfortunate loss of one resident, while two others sustained injuries as a result of the blaze.

Swift Containment and Evacuation Efforts:

Dubai Civil Defence officials swiftly responded to the emergency, successfully containing the fire and ensuring the evacuation of the building. 

The primary focus was safeguarding the residents and preventing further casualties, as confirmed by an official source to Khaleej Times.

Firefighters were promptly deployed to the scene, battling the flames to bring the situation under control. Their immediate and coordinated efforts played a crucial role in preventing the escalation of the tragedy.

Unanswered Questions Surrounding the Cause:

While the fire was successfully quelled, authorities have yet to confirm the cause of the devastating incident. 

Investigations are underway to define the origin and factors contributing to the fire’s outbreak.

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