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Tragedy Strikes CUSAT Tech Fest: Stampede Claims Lives of Students

On Saturday evening, a stampede happened during a music programme at Kerala's CUSAT, turning a tech fest into a tragedy.

A tech fest at Kerala’s Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) turned tragic as a stampede occurred during a music program on Saturday evening, resulting in the loss of at least four students’ lives and leaving over 60 individuals injured.

Incident Details:

The stampede occurred during a music performance by Nikita Gandhi at a university hall. While approximately 1,000 students were inside attending the event, more than 2,000 others gathered outside the auditorium. 

Due to entry restrictions limited to students in technical courses, those outside rushed into the hall when unexpected showers began.

Statements and Response:

Kerala’s Chief Minister expressed shock and extended heartfelt condolences to the families of the deceased students. 

Immediate medical aid and enhanced treatment facilities for the injured have been arranged. Ministers for Industries and Higher Education are personally assessing the situation and committed to initiating a prompt investigation.

The vice-chancellor of CUSAT attributed the chaos to the sudden rainfall, acknowledging the overcrowding during the music program and the unfortunate circumstances that led to the stampede. 

Municipal councilor Pramod highlighted the bottleneck situation created by the single entrance exit gate, stating that the congestion resulted in students falling and being trampled upon by the surging crowd.

Health Minister’s Update:

Health Minister Veena George confirmed the loss of four students’ lives and reported injuries to around 20 individuals. 

Arrangements have been made at Kalamassery Medical College to provide necessary medical care for the injured students.

The incident, which unfolded tragically during a moment of celebration, has prompted an urgent investigation into the circumstances that led to the stampede at the CUSAT tech fest.

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