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Tragedy Strikes as Bus Crash Claims Lives in Thailand

In Thailand, a bus lost control and slammed with a tree, according to the state-owned Transport Company.

In a tragic incident, the state-owned Transport Company reported, a bus lost control and collided with a tree in Thailand. 

The devastating crash resulted in the loss of 14 lives, with over 20 passengers sustaining injuries. The incident occurred at half-past midnight in the western province of Prachuap Khiri Khan.

Horrific Aftermath and Rescue Efforts:

Following the collision, the bus’s front was gruesomely split in half, as revealed by state broadcaster ThaiPBS. 

The severity of the crash prompted a swift response from rescuers who worked diligently to extract passengers from the wreckage. 

The heartbreaking scene unfolded as victims were pulled from the mangled remains of the bus.

Victims Receive Medical Attention:

A statement from the Transport Company confirmed that all injured individuals were promptly transported to hospitals for medical treatment. 

The gravity of the injuries sustained is yet to be fully determined. 

The statement also indicated that an investigation into the root causes of the accident is underway, seeking to shed light on the circumstances leading to this tragic event.

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