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Tragedy in Murshidabad Medical College: Nine Newborns dies in 24 Hours

Nine babies died in a 24-hour period at Murshidabad Medical College Hospital in West Bengal, India.

In a distressing turn of events, nine newborns lost their lives within 24 hours at Murshidabad Medical College Hospital in West Bengal, India, sparking widespread public outrage.

Transfer from SNCU to Murshidabad Medical College:

The infants were transferred from the special newborn care unit (SNCU) at Jangipur Sub-Divisional Hospital to Murshidabad Medical College due to inadequate facilities. 

The sudden influx of patients exacerbated the strain on the already overwhelmed medical college, leading to the tragic outcome.

Contributing Factors and Initial Findings:

Authorities revealed that many of the newborns were malnourished, weighing between 300-500 grams. One infant had a severe congenital heart problem. 

Professor Amit Dan, principal of Murshidabad Medical College Hospital, cited the lack of facilities to address the heart condition and the situation’s urgency as contributing factors.

Overloaded Medical Facilities:

The principal highlighted the challenges faced by the medical college, stating that ongoing construction work at Jangipur Hospital resulted in the transfer of all patients to Murshidabad Medical College. 

With 129 beds accommodating 300 patients, the medical facility struggled to cope with the demand, particularly for malnourished and underweight infants.

Enquiry Committee Formed:

In response to the tragedy, an inquiry committee has been established, comprising renowned doctors, to investigate the circumstances surrounding the deaths. 

Professor Amit Dan expressed condolences to the grieving families and stressed the need for a thorough investigation.

State Health Department’s Assurance:

The state health department issued a statement expressing condolences and assuring the public that necessary measures would be implemented to prevent such tragedies. Further investigations are underway to gather more information on the incident.

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