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Toma Stenko’s ‘Colourful Silence’: A Cultural Ode to Dubai’s Soul

Toma Stenko's art exhibition 'Colourful Silence,' which debuted at Dubai's Jumeirah Creekside Hotel, is a stunning monument to her strong connection.

Toma Stenko’s art exhibition ‘Colourful Silence,’ unveiled at the Jumeirah Creekside Hotel in Dubai, is a breathtaking testament to her profound connection with the city. 

Inspired by Claude Monet’s works, Stenko’s exhibition beautifully captures the essence of Dubai’s rich heritage, blending her artistic skill with the vibrant cultural tapestry of the city.

Artist-in-Residence Program and Cultural Reflection:

Seth Benzel, director of the artist-in-residence program, praises Stenko’s dedication, emphasizing her commitment to portraying Dubai’s cultural richness. 

Stenko’s art reflects a deep emotional bond with the city, embodying its spirit through vibrant strokes and captivating imagery.

Stenko’s love for Dubai resonates in her description of the city as a new world teeming with inspiration. She expresses her artistic freedom and safety in Dubai, surrounded by an environment that nurtures her creativity.

‘Colourful Silence’ and the Language of Colors:

The title of the exhibition, ‘Colourful Silence,’ holds poetic significance as Stenko believes colors can communicate stories. 

She advocates for listening to the narratives embedded within different hues, emphasizing their remarkable energy and influence.

As a culture enthusiast, Stenko’s collection weaves a mosaic of women’s stories using colors and emotions. 

Each painting represents a unique chapter in the collective narrative of womanhood, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the portrayed experiences.

Dubai as an Inspirational Muse:

Delving into Dubai’s cultural roots, Stenko found unexpected inspiration, acknowledging the city’s profound impact on her artistic expression. She praises Dubai’s influential heartbeat, guiding her artistic journey through its diverse landscapes.

Stenko’s profound connection with Dubai’s culture goes beyond the surface.

Her admiration for Arabian food, love for the Arabic language, and collaboration with local artists signify her genuine appreciation and active participation in the city’s cultural fabric.

A Collaboration with Alia Sultan Aljoker and Insights into Arab Women:

Her collaboration with Emirati artist Alia Sultan Aljoker highlights the city’s ability to unite artists from different backgrounds. 

Stenko’s focus on painting Arab women stems from her desire to understand and portray the enigmatic beauty of their culture.

Stenko’s artistic process involves observing, listening, and absorbing the city’s nuances, emphasizing that the smallest details influence her artwork. 

Dubai’s multiculturalism and the warmth of its people contribute significantly to her creative inspiration.

Positive Outlook and Opportunities for Artists in Dubai:

Stenko’s optimistic view sees Dubai as an inclusive space for artists, especially women, fostering a vibrant art scene. She envisions the city as a hub welcoming artists of all ages, providing ample opportunities for creative expression.

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