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Toddler Survives Life-Threatening Abaya Pin Mishap with Urgent Surgery

Tamim, an 18-month-old boy, was in a life-threatening condition after accidently ingesting a 5cm-long abaya pin.

In a harrowing incident, 18-month-old Tamim faced a life-threatening situation when he accidentally ingested a 5cm-long abaya pin. The ordeal took a dangerous turn as the sharp pin perforated his intestine and pierced his liver.

Delayed Realization of the Severity:

Tamim’s parents only realized the gravity of the situation nearly 48 hours after the incident when they noticed their distressed child crying and clutching his belly. 

The toddler’s pain and discomfort led them to suspect that he might have swallowed the pin.

Recognizing the urgent need for medical attention, Tamim’s parents initially consulted doctors at a nearby medical facility. These doctors advised them to consult a pediatric surgeon, which led them to Thumbay University Hospital.

Critical Surgery Performed:

At Thumbay University Hospital, a CT scan was conducted to select the precise location of the pin. Dr. Mufique Gajdhar, a pediatric surgeon, led a critical laparotomy surgery to remove the lodged pin. 

The pin, which had embedded itself in the child’s liver with its sharp end piercing through the intestine, posed severe risks, including infection and internal bleeding.

Importance of Childproofing and Vigilant Supervision:

Dr. Gajdhar emphasized the importance of childproofing homes and providing vigilant supervision, particularly regarding small objects and toys. 

He advised against giving children under 3 toys with small parts and stressed the need for securely fastened battery covers on battery-operated toys.

Safety Tips for Parents:

Dr. Gajdhar urged parents to be cautious and seek medical advice if a child suddenly chokes or wheezes, as this could indicate the inhalation of a foreign object. 

He also provided safety tips for parents, including the need for close supervision, childproofing measures, age-appropriate toys, secure storage of small objects, and educating children about the dangers of swallowing foreign items.

This incident is a stark reminder of the potential hazards to young children and the critical importance of safeguarding their surroundings.

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