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Thousands of Britons stranded due to UAE flight ban.

UAE flight ban Covid-19
Thousands of Britons stranded due to UAE flight ban.

Dubai attracts one million tourists from the UK a year, Etihad and Emirates are normally used by thousands of British travellers every day, which were ban.

Thousands of people were left stranded or had their travel plans disrupted after the British authorities introduced a complete ban on flights getting back from the UAE. UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps added the UAE to its “red list” of 30 countries with a complete ban on arrivals at 1 pm on Friday. The Department for Transport stated that the goal was “to prevent the spread of the brand new variant firstly diagnosed in South Africa into the UK.” However, the quick notice is given for the ban has brought about considerable disruption to people who had been holidaying in Dubai — a famous vacation spot for British tourists — in addition to the ones travelling from some other place connecting through the UAE. Dubai attracts more than a million tourists from the United Kingdom a year, and Emirati Airways Etihad and Emirates are generally utilized by thousands of British travellers each day. British citizens abroad elsewhere were instructed to find alternative routes home that does not use the UAE as a connecting destination — however, this has proved difficult for a few travellers. 

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Mike Sweet informed The Independent: “My 17-year-old son Alexander has been in Australia since early December to see his mom and siblings who he had not seen for more than a year.” Alexander Sweet travelled out in full accordance with prevailing rules, however, now faces considerable challenges in returning home to continue his studies. “He has very last assessments in May, and he wishes to go back to study in the same time zone as his teachers,” his father stated. “Now he can’t get back to the United Kingdom on his Emirates ticket through Dubai; we’re in a tough situation.” Dubai has visible a considerable spike in COVID-19 cases in recent weeks, in part due to the relatively lax measures taken to counter the spread of the virus. Many social media influencers, in particular, have highlighted the party atmosphere still available in Dubai — however, this drew the attention of each the public and British ministers. This week, Home Secretary Priti Patel criticized people who used “loopholes” to travel to the UAE without technically breaking Covid-19 travel rules. “We see lots of influencers showing off where they are — especially sunny places,” she stated. “Going on holiday isn’t a valid reason to travel.”

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