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The UAE’s Biker Community Mourns the Loss of Murtaza Moulvi

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A Trailblazer Remembered

The motoring community in the UAE is in mourning following the passing of Murtaza Moulvi, a prominent figure in the biker world and founder of the famed Café Rider. Moulvi, remembered as a trailblazer and adventurer, was not just the owner of a café but a mentor and friend to many. His establishment, Café Rider, became more than a hangout spot for bikers; it was a symbol of community, bringing together coffee lovers and motoring enthusiasts in a unique and unprecedented manner​​.

Murtaza Moulvi’s journey from a banker to the iconic figure in the UAE’s biker community is a story of passion and vision. His enthusiasm for bikes led him to establish Café Rider with his wife, Nicki, over a decade ago, making it a pivotal meeting point for motoring enthusiasts across the country​​.

Tributes and Lasting Impact

The community’s response to Moulvi’s demise was overwhelming, with tributes pouring in from all corners. Patrons, colleagues, and fellow enthusiasts shared their memories and respect for Moulvi, highlighting his visionary nature, approachability, and influence on the UAE’s bike and car culture. Café Rider, under Moulvi’s guidance, not only became a local favorite but also inspired the emergence of other auto-themed cafes across the city​​.

Café Rider: A Legacy Continues

Founded in 2013, Café Rider was Murtaza and Nicki’s brainchild, a concept born out of a genuine passion for biking and a risk that paid off significantly. Starting with just three Brass Balls motorcycles from Seattle, the café soon turned into a hub for bonding over bikes, coffee, and stories, leaving an indelible mark on Dubai’s motoring landscape​​.

Remembering a Visionary

Murtaza Moulvi’s passing is a significant loss to the UAE’s biker community. His legacy lives on through Café Rider, a testament to his passion, leadership, and ability to bring people together. The community mourns but also celebrates the life of a man who rode through life fearlessly, leaving a trail of inspiration behind.

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