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The Tree of Life at COP28: A Digital Symbol of Sustainable Legacy

The Tree of Life displayed at COP28 is more than just a captivating digital masterpiece; it represents transformation and sustainability.

The Tree of Life showcased at COP28 is more than a mesmerizing digital creation; it embodies transformation and sustainability. 

Beyond its immersive experience during the conference, this masterpiece is set for a post-event metamorphosis into charitable plush bean bags.

Situated at the heart of the Energy Transition Hub in the Green Zone, the tree symbolizes the resilient Ghaf tree, native to the UAE and renowned for thriving in harsh conditions.

Creation Process and Purposeful Deconstruction:

Farah Ballout, the Project Manager at INVNT, emphasized the symbolic significance, stating, “The Tree of Life represents stability and peace.” 

Crafted in the UAE with a steel structure set for future repurposing, its trunk cladding is made of recyclable styrofoam. Post-COP28, the tree will be deconstructed to create bean bags for charity.

Technological Integration and Sustainability Commitment:

The tree integrates technology, utilizing AI-driven processors and transparent OLED screens that allow visitors to view its branches. 

Screens surrounding the base guide attendees to pledge engagement with COP28’s agendas. This digital pledge can be downloaded as a lasting reminder for ongoing discussions and actions against climate change.

Sustainable Legacy and Future Installations:

Parts of the tree will fuel upcoming immersive installations, ensuring a sustainable legacy beyond the conference. 

The emphasis remains on driving continuous engagement and action towards addressing critical environmental issues.

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