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The Thriving After-Hours Entrepreneurial Scene in Al Quoz

Al Quoz's labour market is flourishing, with residents using their diverse skill sets to launch entrepreneurial ventures after conventional work hours.

The labor market in Al Quoz is thriving, with residents tapping into their varied skill sets to embark on entrepreneurial endeavors after regular work hours. 

Plumbers, electricians, and cleaners transform daily into tailors, vegetable vendors, or juice makers by night, leveraging their talents to generate extra income.

Ahmed Ashfaq: Mason Turned Juice Businessman:

Ahmed Ashfaq, a mason by day, transitions into a juice businessman in the evenings. 

His packed schedule sees him returning from the construction site at 4 PM, taking a brief rest, and then dedicating his time until 10 PM to freshly squeezed pomegranate, orange, and grapefruit juices. 

His previous experience at a juice center in his hometown of Peshawar has proven fruitful, with over a hundred cups sold daily.

Pursuing Passions Beyond Day Jobs:

For individuals like Ashraful, a painter by profession, the after-hours signify a pursuit of passion. 

After 7:30 PM, he transforms into a tailor, catering to customers seeking alterations or fabric fixes. 

Dreaming of owning a tailoring shop in Dubai one day, Ashraful’s dedication showcases the transition from hobby to business.

Nadeem Khan: Cleaner Turned Vegetable Vendor:

Nadeem Khan, a cleaner by day, becomes a vegetable and fruit vendor in the evenings. Setting up his stall by 4:30 PM, he caters to residents looking for fresh produce at affordable prices. 

This entrepreneurial endeavor has become a means to support his children’s education back home, ensuring his kids in grades 1 and 3 receive the necessary support.

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