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The Mental Health Dilemma: Unveiling the Inner Battles

The emergence of COVID-19 and its aftermath undermined stability and removed the safety net of medical benefits given by employment.

The onset of COVID-19 and its fallout disrupted stability and stripped away the safety net of medical benefits that employment had provided. 

Suddenly, falling ill became a luxury I couldn’t afford beyond minor sickness. Subsisting on basic insurance meant exorbitant costs for unforeseen health issues. 

The weight of illness became unbearable without financial support, leading me to prioritize acquiring insurance that would grant me confidence in seeking medical care.

The Unmet Need for Mental Health Coverage:

As I considered the new insurance, one pressing question lingered: “Does it cover psychiatry?”

“No,” came the disappointing response from my spouse. 

I longed for psychiatric coverage, especially after battling Major Depressive Disorder twice in the past seven years. However, securing coverage for mental health seemed excessively expensive. 

In a world where mental health challenges surge, there’s no clear path to safeguarding our inner selves from the repercussions of these modern pressures.

Addressing the Mental Health Crisis:

Amidst growing awareness of the importance of emotional and mental balance, discussions regarding mental health are more frequent. 

However, addressing mental health issues seems incomplete. High costs, particularly in certain regions, are one barrier among many.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression ranks among the primary causes of disability, while suicide claims a high toll among 15-29-year-olds. 

Severe mental health conditions also lead to premature deaths due to preventable physical ailments. These statistics underscore the direct link between mental health and longevity.

Normalizing Mental Health Challenges:

Often, psychological struggles are dismissed as passing phases or normalized as part of modern life. However, homogenizing such issues doesn’t eradicate their danger. 

It’s imperative to categorize mental health problems as illnesses akin to fatal diseases. Understanding their causes and elucidating ways to combat them is crucial for tangible results.

The Complexity of Mental Health Struggles:

Mental health disruptions can stem from various causes, from personal tragedies to societal misfortunes. 

No experience can be deemed less severe, and no one is impervious to their effects. Daily life inundates us with challenges, making it difficult to remain unaffected.

Mere discussions and clinical coping mechanisms aren’t comprehensive solutions to life’s seamless problems. Our angst emanates from a deeper space we’ve neglected. 

Understanding our fears, desires, and true sources of happiness is crucial. While medication helps, the lasting fix comes from identifying what fulfills us amidst life’s chaos.

Finding Clarity Amidst Confusion:

This mental pandemic arises from a void within us, often filled with the wrong pursuits. Seeking clarity means exploring our inner space, asking fundamental questions like, “Where does my happiness lie?” and “What is my purpose?” Untangling ourselves from confusion starts with sincere introspection.

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