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The Majestic ‘Throne of Peace’ Takes Center Stage at COP28

The 'Throne of Peace' emerges as a mesmerising marvel amid the hubbub of COP28, drawing people to Expo City's Green Zone.

Amid the buzz of COP28, the ‘Throne of Peace’ emerges as a captivating marvel, drawing visitors to Expo City’s Green Zone. 

Crafted from a 150-year-old tree weighing 2.2 tons, this ornamental giant chair is a testament to intricate craftsmanship and sustainability, a creation of local artist Sheikh Ali Almualla.

A Symbol of Transformation and Resilience:

Originally from Indonesia and now a symbol of UAE’s commitment to sustainability, this colossal chair underwent a transformative journey, symbolizing nature’s resilience. 

Its weathered yet resilient bark forms the base, upholding the structure, while the seat, a polished slab, reflects light in mesmerizing patterns, bearing the tree’s natural imperfections and history.

Narrating Nature’s Story:

Andor Steven, associated with Ardeco, speaks of the throne’s symbolism, depicting nature’s life journey. 

The intertwining branches and roots, meticulously carved into the backrest, evoke a sense of containment and tranquillity, embodying stability and peace inherent in nature wherever the throne resides.

A Masterpiece with Utility:

This masterpiece, not just an art exhibit, is a functional piece equipped with wheels for mobility and a hydraulic crane for ease of movement, adding a touch of practicality to its grandeur. 

Its colossal dimensions, measuring 500cm wide and 700cm deep and towering at 550cm, provide a regal backdrop at the UAE pavilion, inviting guests to admire its artistry and message of sustainability.

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