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The Israeli Defense Forces Investigate Gaza Hospital Explosion

The Israeli Defence Forces issued a full investigation into the Gaza hospital attack, offering evidence that they were not to blame.

The Israeli Defense Forces released a detailed probe into the Gaza hospital attack, providing evidence that suggests they were not responsible and that casualties may have been inflated.

Aerial Footage Analysis:

Citing aerial footage analysis, the Israel Army contends that nearby buildings showed no structural damage or cratering typically associated with aerial munitions.

The IDF highlights the timing of the Gaza hospital explosion about rocket barrages from Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Hamas Response:

Hamas swiftly reacts to the explosion, while Israel asserts it’s challenging to determine the exact sequence of events quickly.

Rocket Misfire and Global Media Campaign:

According to IDF intelligence, the explosion resulted from an Islamic Jihad rocket misfire, and Hamas allegedly initiated a media campaign to conceal the incident and inflate the casualty count.

Israel claims that the Islamic Jihad rocket launch failed, leading to the incident at the hospital.

7. Absence of Incoming Fire:

The IDF maintains that no incoming fire from land, sea, or air hit the hospital.

Israel asserts that its radar tracked rockets fired by terrorists from within Gaza near the hospital at the time of the explosion.

Communication Among Terrorists:

The IDF claims to have evidence of communication among terrorists regarding the rocket misfire.

The IDF notes that incidents like this, where rockets fired at Israel fall inside Gaza, are not uncommon during the conflict, with Palestinian civilians often bearing the consequences.

Differing Perspectives:

The article concludes with statements from individuals reflecting differing perspectives on the incident, including concerns about shrapnel and the missile’s origin.

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