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The Future Role of Wearables in Healthcare and Inclusivity

DFF envisions a future in which smart wearables provide individuals with a "sixth sense," giving them power over their personal well-being and destinies.

Experts at the Dubai Future Forum (DFF) envision a future where smart wearables could grant individuals a form of “sixth sense,” offering control over personal well-being and destinies. 

Pawel Swieboda, the founder of Neurocentury, highlighted wearables as tools enabling greater control over health, citing examples such as enhanced diabetes management through these devices.

Wearables: Mirrors Reflecting Data:

Swieboda emphasized the profound nature of wearables as intimate mirrors reflecting extensive data points from our skin. 

These sensors capture vast amounts of information, offering insights into personal health and empowering individuals with data-driven knowledge about themselves.

Impact on Healthcare and Medicine:

At the DFF session focusing on bionics and wearables’ future impact on healthcare, Professor Paolo Dario highlighted the evolution from science fiction to reality, exemplifying the advancements in bionic wearable arms. 

He categorized wearables into ingested devices, bionic limbs, strict wearables, and companion devices like smartwatches and heart monitors.

Wearables in Clinical Trials and Patient Care:

Experts foresee wearables revolutionizing the healthcare system, particularly in clinical trials. 

Swieboda emphasized their relevance in identifying potential issues for scientific investigation and patient stratification, ensuring the right patients participate in trials and improving misdiagnosis rates.

Ken Chua, Director of (these)abilities, stressed the importance of inclusive design for wearables, advocating for innovation that considers the differently abled. 

He highlighted how technologies like autocomplete, initially designed for the disabled community, now benefit broader society, underscoring the need for a diverse perspective in technology development.

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