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The Evolution of the UAE Through the Eyes of Mohammed Al Ghazali

Emirati native Mohammed Al Ghazali recalls a time when the route connecting Dubai and Sharjah was inundated during high tides.

Before establishing the UAE, the Trucial States faced challenges with limited road connectivity. Mohammed Al Ghazali, an Emirati national, reminisces about a time when the road linking Dubai and Sharjah would be submerged during high tides, requiring travelers to patiently wait for the waters to recede.

Journey through Untarred Roads:

The seven emirates operated independently in the pre-Union era, and their roads were not yet tarred. 

Al Ghazali recalls the sandy and hardened roads, highlighting the significant transformation post-1971 when Sheikh Zayed Road, initially a two-lane structure, was constructed by the BinLadin construction company from Saudi Arabia.

Carts to Cars – A Shift in Transportation Dynamics:

Al Ghazali reflects on when donkeys and carts were used to transport goods. The transition to cars was marked by his obtaining his driving license in 1968, emphasizing the contrast between the early days, with a mere thousands of license holders, to today’s millions.

Describing the day the leaders of the Trucial States signed the historic document, Al Ghazali recalls a sense of excitement in the air. 

Though life was simpler back then, the event marked a joyous occasion for everyone, symbolizing the birth of a unified nation.

Entrepreneurial Spirit Takes Flight:

Al Ghazali’s journey extends beyond witnessing the evolution of infrastructure. His global travels at Dubai Petroleum sparked an interest in carpet making. 

Fascinated by the artistry in Iran, Turkey, India, and Pakistan, he eventually ventured into entrepreneurship, starting a carpet business in Dubai.

From Local to Global Impact:

Al Ghazali’s entrepreneurial endeavors transcend borders, showcasing the global impact of an Emirati’s vision. 

His appreciation for handmade Iranian carpets, with their rich history and intricate designs, led to the establishment of an internationally resonating business.

In conclusion, Al Ghazali expresses gratitude to the founding fathers and leaders of the UAE, acknowledging their pivotal role in transforming the Emirates into what he deems the “best place on earth to live in.” His journey serves as a testament to the resilience and progress of the nation.

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