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The Dubai Billionaire with a Passion for Luxury Automobiles Number Plates

Dubai Billionaire "Abu Sabah" Arrested on Charges of Fraud

Balvinder Singh Sahni, known as Abu Sabah, is a Dubai-based billionaire with a unique passion for luxury automobiles and extravagant number plates. 

His love for these collectibles has garnered media attention and made him a prominent figure in the world of luxury. 

Abu Sabah, who serves as the Chairman of the RSG Group, shares insights into his exceptional collections and his journey to becoming one of the most recognized names in the UAE.

The Dh33 Million’ 5′ Plate:

In 2016, Abu Sabah made headlines by acquiring a ‘5’ car number plate at an astonishing price of Dh33 million. 

This purchase was just one of many that showcased his penchant for luxury and unique collectibles. 

However, what sets him apart is not just the individual plates but the cumulative worth of his vast collection of VIP number plates.

VIP Number Plates Over Automobiles:

During an interview, Abu Sabah revealed that the value of his VIP number plates from Dubai and Abu Dhabi far surpasses the combined worth of his luxury vehicles, including Rolls-Royces and other top-tier automobiles. 

He shared, “All of my number plates are much more than Dh100 million, and the total cost of the VIP number plates is higher than the value of my cars.”

The Favored’ Dubai 5′ Plate:

Among his collection, the ‘Dubai 5’ number plate remains Abu Sabah’s favorite. It is the plate he often uses while cruising through the city. 

His fascination with numbers and distinct plates is a testament to his commitment to standing out.

A Fascination with Numbers:

Abu Sabah’s interest in numbers began two decades ago when he acquired the priciest mobile number in Kuwait for Dh600,000. 

His penchant for unique numbers and symbols of good fortune extends to the number 9 and the color blue. “I sign mostly with a blue pen. There’s no black pen in my office,” he shared.

A Passion for Making Money:

Balvinder Singh Sahni’s daily routine is packed with business activities, from morning walks to project site visits and meetings at government offices. 

His passion for his work keeps him engaged throughout the day. While he may avoid political discussions, he is unreserved about his unwavering passion for making money.

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