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The ‘Crime Scene Game’ By Dubai Police Offers Public a Chance to Play

The Dubai Police have launched a new thrilling challenge, asking the public to put themselves in the shoes of a crime scene investigator (CSI).

The Dubai Police have introduced an exciting new challenge, inviting the public to step into the shoes of a crime scene investigator (CSI). 

The interactive ‘Crime Scene Game’ is designed to educate participants about police work and their critical role in maintaining safety and security.

Fun and Educational Experience:

Running until October 9th at City Centre Mirdif’s Central Galleria, this unique game combines storytelling, visuals, and puzzles to immerse players in crime investigation. 

Participants will be able to investigate a simulated crime scene and put their detective skills to the test.

Captain Abdullah Al Bastaki, a member of the Scholars Council at Dubai Police and an expert in biology and DNA at the General Department of Forensic Science and Criminology, explained that participants will compete with each other using scientific evidence to solve the mystery and uncover the perpetrator’s identity.

Educating and Engaging the Public:

The primary objective of this initiative is to engage various segments of society, with a particular focus on educating the youth. 

It aims to familiarize participants with the essential roles played by police officers in maintaining safety and security within the community.

Captain Al Bastaki highlighted that the game also sheds light on the scientific fields employed in crime investigation. 

It emphasizes the importance of professional thinking across various branches of forensic science to ensure safety and security.

K9 Unit Demonstrations:

In addition to the ‘Crime Scene Game,’ the Dubai Police’s Security Inspection Department (K9 Unit) will provide visitors with detailed explanations about the invaluable role of police dogs in security inspections. 

They will showcase how these highly trained canines uncover drugs and prohibited substances, conduct search and rescue operations for missing individuals, and assist in locating lost belongings.

This interactive and educational initiative not only offers a thrilling experience for participants but also fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of the vital work carried out by the Dubai Police in safeguarding the community.

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