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“The Apprentice” Biopic, Offering Insight into Donald Trump’s Early Years

Filming for "The Apprentice," a biopic about former US President Donald Trump's early years, has officially begun.

Filming for “The Apprentice,” a biopic delving into the early life of former US president Donald Trump, has officially begun. 

The movie will illuminate Trump’s ascent as a New York real estate mogul and his association with Roy Cohn, the notorious lawyer who played a pivotal role in shaping Trump’s trajectory.

Star-Studded Cast Takes on Key Roles:

Directed by Iranian filmmaker Ali Abbasi, acclaimed for his Oscar-nominated work in “Holy Spider,” and written by journalist Gabriel Sherman, the movie boasts a stellar cast. 

Sebastian Stan, recognized for his roles in “Pam & Tommy” and as Captain America’s ally, portrays a young Donald Trump. 

Jeremy Strong, an Emmy winner from “Succession,” takes on the role of Roy Cohn. At the same time, Maria Bakalova, an Oscar nominee for “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm,” plays Ivana Trump, the former president’s first wife.

Mentor-Protege Narrative Unveils American Dynasty’s Origins:

“The Apprentice” is described as a mentor-protege story that uncovers the foundations of an American dynasty. 

The film aims to unveil the moral and human costs associated with a culture defined by the concepts of winners and losers. 

Set against the backdrop of the 1970s and 80s, the narrative unfolds Trump’s education in deal-making and manipulation under the guidance of Cohn, a significant figure during the McCarthy era and the AIDS crisis.

Trump’s Complex Legacy Explored:

By delving into Trump’s early years and his association with Cohn, the film seeks to shed light on the origins of his controversial personality and legacy. 

Trump, who faced two impeachments during his presidency and is currently entangled in multiple legal battles, is poised for a potential 2024 presidential run. 

The biopic offers a nuanced perspective on Trump’s formative years and the mentorship that influenced his journey.

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