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Textile expo set to enrich Sharjah’s Expo Centre from November 28 to 30

With over 60 exhibitors showcasing a broad spectrum of quality products, the event seeks to boost business between the UAE and India.

Event Details

The upcoming textile expo is scheduled to take place at the Expo Centre Sharjah, spanning from November 28 to 30. Organized by the Federation of Gujarat Weaver Welfare Association (FOGWA) from India, the event has garnered support from the Textile Merchants Group (TEXMAS), a prominent body representing wholesale textile merchants in Dubai.

Exhibitor and Product Showcase

With over 60 exhibitors participating, the expo promises a comprehensive display of more than a thousand high-quality textile products. Throughout its three-day duration, attendees can explore a diverse range of offerings showcased by these exhibitors, encompassing a wide spectrum of textile goods.

Collaborative Efforts

The collaboration between FOGWA and TEXMAS signifies a strategic partnership aiming to create a platform that bridges international textile markets. This joint effort aims to facilitate networking, business opportunities, and the exchange of innovative ideas within the textile industry.

Highlighting Innovation and Diversity

The event’s emphasis on showcasing diverse products from numerous exhibitors underscores its commitment to highlighting innovation, quality, and the richness of the textile landscape. 

Attendees can expect an immersive experience delving into the latest trends and innovations within the textile sector.

Impact and Expectations

The textile expo’s convergence at the Expo Centre Sharjah signifies an opportunity for industry stakeholders, businesses, and enthusiasts to explore, collaborate, and potentially forge new avenues for growth and partnerships within the thriving textile industry.

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