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Technical Issue Grounds Biman Bangladesh Airlines Flight in Dubai

A Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight that was supposed to leave Dubai at 12:05 a.m. (local time) on Sunday was delayed due to a sudden technical issue.

A Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight, originally scheduled to depart from Dubai at 12:05 am (local time) on Sunday, faced an unexpected technical issue that forced the aircraft to be grounded. 

This issue was detected after all passengers had boarded the flight, just moments before it was supposed to take off.

Response and Actions:

Speaking to Khaleej Times, Shakia Sultana, the regional manager for Dubai and Northern Emirates at Biman Bangladesh Airlines, provided insights into the situation. 

She mentioned, “Flight BG348 was scheduled to fly from Dubai International Airport to Dhaka at 12:05 am with 251 passengers and ten crew members. But due to some technical problem, the aircraft has been grounded.”

Efforts to Resolve the Issue:

While specific details about the technical glitch were not disclosed, Sultana explained that engineers immediately began working to resolve the problem. 

By 2 am, they officially declared an ‘Air on Ground’ (AOG) situation. She added, “There’s a ‘part’ that needs to be replaced to rectify the issue, and it is being transported from Dhaka.”

Passengers affected by the delay were escorted to the airport lounge, where they were provided with breakfast. Later, around 11 am, they were offered refreshments. 

As the issue persisted beyond 12 pm, 101 passengers were provided accommodations with food in hotels near the airport.

Passenger Choices:

In response, some passengers opted to take an Emirates flight to Dhaka, while a few canceled their travel plans. There are still a handful of passengers at the airport who hold visits, canceled, or transit visas.

Options for Affected Passengers:

Shakia Sultana stated that passengers who have canceled their tickets can either reschedule their flights or request a refund from the airline.

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