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Tawasal SuperApp and Dubai Financial Market Partner to Enhance Accessibility

Tawasal SuperApp and the DFM have formed a strategic cooperation to greatly improve accessibility and investor participation.

Abu Dhabi-based multi-purpose messenger Tawasal SuperApp has announced a strategic partnership with the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) to significantly improve accessibility and investor engagement.

Real-Time Market Data Integration:

This collaborative effort seeks to provide users with comprehensive real-time data from Dubai’s capital market, making it easier for individuals to access critical financial information. 

By integrating real-time market data, such as stock prices, trading volumes, and indices, into the Tawasal SuperApp, the partnership aims to enable more informed financial decision-making.

Empowering Users with Informed Decision-Making:

The partnership between Tawasal SuperApp and DFM is expected to enhance users’ access to essential market information, ultimately empowering them to make more well-informed decisions regarding their investments and financial activities.

A Transformative Step in Financial Accessibility:

Khamis AlShamsi, Chairman of Tawasal SuperApp, highlighted that this partnership represents a “transformative step” in making financial markets more accessible. 

The Tawasal SuperApp aims to break down barriers, promote inclusivity, and ensure that financial instruments are within reach for everyone. 

It offers a user-friendly journey through the world of finance, providing individuals with the tools to navigate the markets confidently and expand their financial services for a global approach.

Positive Impact on Market Participants:

Hamed Ali, CEO of DFM and Nasdaq Dubai, anticipated the partnership’s positive impact on users and the broader community. 

By enhancing user access to real-time financial information and facilitating greater market participation, the collaboration aims to improve the overall trading and investment experience.

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