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“Tamam’s Kitchen: A Flavorful Journey from Palestine to Dubai”

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Born into a family with roots tracing back to Palestine, Tamam Iy Abdullah emerged as the sixth child, surrounded by a constellation of charming sisters. At the age of seven, their family embarked on a journey to Kuwait, seeking better opportunities. It was there that Tamam’s fascination with cooking was ignited by her mother’s culinary prowess, instilling in her a passion for food that would shape her future.

Tragedy struck at eleven when Tamam bid farewell to her father, thrusting upon her a newfound sense of responsibility. With financial constraints looming and her elder sisters marrying, the burden of supporting the family fell upon her shoulders. Despite these challenges, Tamam sought to carve her own path, enrolling in crash courses in hospitality and taking her first steps towards a promising future.

Fortune smiled upon Tamam as she found herself working for KLM, where serving customers became more than just a job—it became an opportunity to brighten someone’s day with a smile and a solution to their needs. Life’s journey led Tamam to meet her soulmate, and together, they embarked on a nomadic lifestyle, navigating different lands and customs as their family grew.

In the midst of motherhood and relocation, Tamam discovered a newfound passion for baking and culinary arts. From humble beginnings as a home baker, she honed her skills
and pursued formal training, eventually graduating as a chef from one of Dubai’s finest culinary schools. Despite her dream of owning a restaurant, financial constraints led her down a different path.

Driven by a desire to promote healthy living, Tamam embarked on a journey of culinary exploration, sharing her recipes and insights through TamamsKitchen. Balancing the demands of family and career, she finds joy and fulfillment in each day, grateful for her five children and a thriving business. Through TamamsKitchen, she invites others to join her on a journey towards wellness, one delicious recipe at a time. Together, let us savor the joys of good food and vibrant living for a healthier, happier future.

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