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“SWARM” Art Installation at COP28 Inspires Environmental Commitments

A stunning art installation called "SWARM" takes centre stage in the midst of COP28's Green Zone.

In the heart of COP28’s Green Zone, a captivating art installation called “SWARM” takes center stage, featuring a vibrant swarm of hand-crafted origami bees in yellow. 

This unique piece not only captivates onlookers but also serves as a powerful symbol of environmental commitment.

Over 500 Pledges and Growing:

By Day 5 of the climate conference, more than 500 individuals have pledged their commitment to environmental preservation at the SWARM installation. Visitors are asked to participate in the interactive artwork by crafting their miniature origami bee and expressing their pledge to nature.

Collective Action for Positive Change:

The atmosphere around SWARM resonates with a shared determination to save the environment, emphasizing the impact of collective action. 

Crafted pledges from visitors are seamlessly integrated into the existing sculpture, symbolizing the notion that the collaborative efforts of many can bring about positive change.

The Story behind SWARM and its Lasting Impact:

Origami artist Leonie Bradley, the creative force behind SWARM, shared her inspiration for the installation. 

Drawing from her collaboration with a laboratory investigating the effects of pesticides on bumble bees, Bradley aims to communicate complex scientific concepts playfully. 

The artwork will find a lasting home at Expo City within the Terra pavilion after the conclusion of the climate conference.

Empowering Individuals Through Art:

Bradley emphasizes that folding origami creates a unique mental space for individuals, encouraging them to pause, reflect, and engage in conversations about critical scientific topics. 

SWARM seeks to empower people to question and raise awareness about the environmental impact of their choices, fostering a culture change.

Bee The Change Campaign and Global Initiative:

Leonie Bradley represents the Bee The Change campaign, a global movement dedicated to safeguarding bees and part of the recently announced Trillion Bees coalition. 

This science-led initiative aims to mobilize over two billion people and raise $1 billion to support projects preserving bees, protecting habitats, and promoting biodiversity.

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