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Sustainable Holiday Spirit: UAE Residents Embrace Eco-Friendly Festivities

The commitment goes beyond the holiday season, calling into question the established standards of excessive spending and waste.

In an era where climate change is undeniable and environmental consciousness is rising, UAE residents are taking proactive steps to lead more sustainable lives. 

This commitment extends beyond the festive season, challenging the traditional norms of excessive consumption and waste. 

As the United Nations emphasizes the importance of sustainable lifestyles, individuals in the UAE are redefining their choices to minimize environmental impact while supporting socio-economic development and a better quality of life.

Eco-Conscious Celebrations:

Dubai-based Lebanese expat Ghyna Kabbara, residing in the UAE for nine years, adopted a sustainable lifestyle three years ago. 

Her holiday tip involves ditching traditional festive wrapping paper in favor of the Japanese art of Furoshiki. 

Inspired by this technique of wrapping gifts with fabric, Kabbara elegantly clothes each present in reusable fabric wraps, creating an eco-conscious and sophisticated ritual.

Regifting and Digital Gifting:

Advocates for sustainable living, including the Facebook handle Green Project and Abu Dhabi-based Sustainability and ESG strategist Nahla Nabil, suggest thoughtful practices like regifting and opting for digital gifts. Regifting minimizes over-indulgence and wastage and gives unused items a chance to be appreciated. 

Exploring digital gifting options such as online course subscriptions, e-books, or service vouchers aligns with a commitment to meaningful experiences without the environmental cost of physical resources.

Sustainable Fashion Choices:

Kabbara tackles the issue of wasteful spending on holiday clothing by participating in Bjerg & Hav’s Clothes Swap Initiative. 

This eco-friendly initiative allows individuals to swap used clothes for vouchers, supporting a sustainable fashion scene.

By embracing organic clothing and participating in clothing exchanges, Kabbara and her family extend the lifespan of their outfits, contributing to a circular and eco-conscious approach to dressing up for special occasions.

Choosing a Real Fir Tree:

Kabbara opted for a real fir tree this Christmas, enhancing her home with the authentic scent of pine. 

Choosing a natural tree adds a touch of genuine magic to the season while steering clear of plastic decorations. The move aligns with the commitment to reduce waste associated with artificial trees and ornaments.

Reducing Christmas Waste:

Passionate eco-warriors emphasize the importance of storing and reusing old ornaments to minimize the environmental impact of Christmas decorations. 

According to the World Bank, the average person generates 0.74kg of waste daily, totaling 2.01 billion tonnes of municipal solid waste annually. 

The call to reuse decorations underscores a commitment to reducing the environmental footprint associated with festive celebrations.

Handmade Ornaments and LED Lights:

Kabbara adds a personal touch to her Christmas tree using handmade ornaments crafted during local workshops. 

These ornaments celebrate the artistry of little hands while staying true to sustainable choices. 

Additionally, she opts for LED candle lights, combining festive ambiance with energy-efficient lighting solutions.

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