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Sustainable Dining: A Post-COP28 Culinary Shift in the UAE

Gates Hospitality, a significant player in the culinary scene during COP28, promises to continue its commitment to sustainability after the climate summit.

Gates Hospitality, a key player in the culinary scene during COP28, pledges to maintain its commitment to sustainability beyond the climate summit. 

The company emphasizes the growing awareness and interest in adopting sustainable practices, reflecting a broader shift in consumer behavior.

Local Sourcing and Seasonal Produce:

According to Richard Cowling, Director of Operations at Gates Hospitality, sustainability focuses on using local produce, supporting local farms, and incorporating seasonal ingredients. 

Reducing food waste, controlling portions, and prioritizing sustainable food packaging are also part of the company’s ongoing efforts to promote eco-friendly practices.

Low Carbon Footprint (LCF) Food Trends:

Experts highlight the increasing demand for sustainable products, particularly alternative proteins, driven by consumer awareness of health and environmental benefits. 

The UAE government’s investments in food security, exemplified by initiatives like the Gigafarm, showcase the country’s commitment to advancing sustainability in the food industry.

Creating Lasting Changes at Expo City Dubai:

Expo City Dubai aims to instill lasting changes rather than just implementing a temporary sustainability menu for COP28. Simon Wright, Head of F&B at Expo City Dubai, emphasizes the potential of the food sector as a powerful agent of change. 

The challenges of local agriculture are met with innovative solutions, including sourcing 50% of produce locally and implementing urban farming projects.

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