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Suspension of Food Truck Permits in Abu Dhabi: Regulatory Update

On Tuesday, Abu Dhabi authorities announced the suspension of permit services for food trucks operating within the city.

Authorities in Abu Dhabi announced the suspension of permit services for food trucks within the city on Tuesday.

Advisory and Suspension Details:

The municipality, via a notice on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), clarified that no new permits or renewals for food trucks in Abu Dhabi city will be processed until further notice. 

This suspension encompasses parking permits for these mobile food businesses.

As the winter season sees a rise in residents frequenting outdoor venues, including food trucks, authorities aim to ensure strict adherence to regulations during this bustling period.

Regulatory Measures and Compliance:

Abu Dhabi Municipality had previously communicated and reinforced guidelines for food truck operators. 

These guidelines encompassed various requirements, such as permitting parking only while serving customers and mandating uniform attire for all staff members at all times. 

The department strongly emphasized compliance with these regulations.

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