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Survey highlights UAE residents’ takeaway habits and food waste challenges

Survey shows most are ordering in around once a week and having too much in restaurants.

Survey shows most are ordering in around once a week and having too much in restaurants.

Takeaway Trends and Food Waste:

A recent survey titled “How the UAE Eats: National Household Food Waste Survey 2023” has shed light on UAE residents’ takeaway behaviors, revealing concerns about excessive food waste. 

A significant 57% of respondents confessed to ordering takeout meals more than once a week, with 40% admitting to frequently over-ordering food.

Survey Insights:

Conducted among over 6,000 UAE residents and unveiled at Cop28, the study was a collaboration between the National Food Loss and Waste Initiative (Ne’ma) and the Behavioural Science Group. 

According to Rasha Attar, Director of the Behavioural Science Group at the Office of Development Affairs, partnerships with delivery apps could assist in encouraging residents to order appropriate food quantities.

Challenges and Solutions:

While there’s a growing interest among households to minimize food waste, the survey indicates the necessity for specific knowledge, practical guidance, and broader policy interventions to effectively tackle the issue. The survey estimates that 40% of food in the UAE is wasted annually, amounting to Dh6 billion in losses.

National Action Plan:

In response to the concerning figures, the UAE recently announced a nationwide initiative aimed at reducing food waste by 50% by the year 2030. This proactive step seeks to address the growing challenge of food wastage in the country.

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