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Surge in Indian Private School enrolment signals educational growth in Dubai

The Principal says classrooms are complete after the inflow of students during the pandemic.

The Principal says classrooms are complete after the inflow of students during the pandemic.

Enrolment Spike Reflects Growth

Official data released indicates a noteworthy upswing in the number of students attending Indian private schools in Dubai. The enrolment has seen a substantial rise of nearly 9,000 pupils compared to the previous academic year, marking an increase from 85,588 to 94,499.

Inspection Results and School Performance

Dubai’s educational regulator unveiled the results of recent inspections conducted at Indian-curriculum schools. Among these institutions, one school achieved an outstanding rating, while 10 were classified as very good, 14 as good, and seven as acceptable by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority.

Consistent Excellence and Benchmarking

Gems Modern Academy has notably stood as the solitary institution consistently obtaining an outstanding rating since 2011. This achievement sets a high benchmark within the cohort of evaluated schools.

Pandemic Influence on School Dynamics

Rashmi Nandkeolyar, Principal at Delhi Private School Dubai, highlighted the pandemic’s impact on school dynamics. Schools providing good value for money witnessed a substantial influx in enrolment during this period, emphasizing the perceived quality and value of education during challenging times.

Implications of Enrolment Surge

The notable surge in enrolment signifies a growing preference for Indian private schools in Dubai. It also underscores the recognition of institutions maintaining a commendable standard of excellence, even amidst external challenges such as the global pandemic.

The increasing enrolment trends reflect a positive trajectory for Indian private education in Dubai, signaling trust and confidence among students and parents in these educational institutions.

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