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Surge in Flight Fares Amidst Extended UAE Union Day Weekend

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Residents planning travel during the extended UAE Union Day weekend are facing significant increases in flight fares, with rates rising by 15-30% compared to September, particularly for destinations like India and the US.

Doubling of Rates for Certain Destinations:

Flight costs to various destinations have even doubled compared to the off-peak season in September. For instance, return Economy airfares from Dubai to Mumbai have escalated to an average of Dh1,482. 

At the same time, Dubai to London fares have spiked to Dh3,805 from November 28 to December 3, compared to much lower rates a month earlier.

Popular South Asian destinations like Bangkok and Tokyo have also seen surges in flight prices, rising significantly from post-summer lows to Dh2,975 and Dh5,725, respectively.

Spike After Extended Union Day Announcement:

The announcement of the extended UAE Union Day weekend, including Monday (December 4), triggered an additional surge in ticket rates, especially on high-demand routes.

Flight fares to most Indian airports and major US cities have witnessed substantial hikes, with noticeable increases to Mumbai and Delhi (Dh1,286 and Dh1,510, respectively, compared to Dh870 to Dh770 in September) and New York and Houston (Dh4,373 and Dh7,685, versus Dh3,850 to Dh5,730).

Incremental Increases for UK and European Destinations:

UK fares have risen by an additional 10-15% as the Christmas and New Year breaks approach. However, flights to Europe remain relatively stable, with consistent fares since September due to delays in Schengen visa appointments.

Some families delay their travels by a week after the Union Day holidays to bypass the peak fares. Others are considering traveling after December 9 when schools close for the winter break.

Travelers are exploring nearby and relatively cheaper destinations like Istanbul or opting for local staycations or trips to nearby spots such as Musandam (Oman) due to the high costs of quick getaways during this period.

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