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Surf Abu Dhabi Welcomes Global Surfing Icons for Exclusive Test Ride

Surfers from around the world, including 11-time World Surf League champion Kelly Slater, were given to an exclusive first test ride on Hudayriyat Island at Surf Abu Dhabi.

Surfers worldwide, including 11-time World Surf League champion Kelly Slater, were treated to an exclusive first test ride at Surf Abu Dhabi on Hudayriyat Island. 

The facility, developed by Modon Properties in collaboration with the Kelly Slater Wave Company (KSWC), is set to open in early 2024 and boasts the world’s longest ride, largest barrel, and a state-of-the-art man-made wave facility.

Kelly Slater Praises Abu Dhabi’s Wave:

Kelly Slater, a surfing legend, expressed awe at the waves in Abu Dhabi, stating that the wave at Surf Abu Dhabi stacks up well against some of the best waves globally. 

Slater, who designed the wave, believes the facility will provide endless fun for surfers of all skill levels, marking a new era in the surf world.

World Champions Test Waves:

Other world champions, including Stephanie Gilmore from Australia, Caroline Marks from the US, Ramzi Boukhiam from Morocco, and Brazilian surfers Filipe Toledo and Gabriel Medina, joined the exclusive test ride. 

They praised the world-class wave at Surf Abu Dhabi and expressed pride in the facility becoming the gateway to surfing in the Middle East.

Surf Abu Dhabi – A Global Hub for Surfing:

Jeff Fleeher, President of KSWC, highlighted Abu Dhabi as a global hub for tourism, sport, and business, making it an ideal location to showcase KSWC’s unmatched wave technology. 

The project, aimed at surfers of all skill levels, is a significant addition to the global surfing landscape.

Ready for Unveiling Soon:

Jassem Mohamed Bu Ataba Al Zaabi, Chairman of the Department of Finance and Chairman of Modon Properties announced that Surf Abu Dhabi is ready to be unveiled to the world soon. 

The successful test ride with surfing legends signifies the realization of the vision to bring this innovative surfing destination to reality.

Anticipation for World-Class Surfing Experience:

Bill O’Regan, CEO of Modon, expressed excitement about welcoming surfers of all skill levels to experience the world-class technology and facilities at Surf Abu Dhabi. 

The project seeks to offer a unique and unparalleled surfing experience in the Middle East, contributing to the sport’s growth in the region.

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