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Sunita Gill & Kaizar Karkaria: Power Couple Transforming Singapore’s Luxury Real Estate

Sunita Gill & Kaizar Karkaria: Power Couple Transforming Singapore's Luxury Real Estate

A Dynamic Duo in the Property Market

Sunita Gill and Kaizar Karkaria have established themselves as key players in Singapore’s luxury real estate market. Combining their expertise and passion for the industry, this power couple co-founded Singapore Luxury Homes, redefining luxury living and investment in the region.

Sunita Gill: A Visionary in Luxury Real Estate

Sunita Gill, co-founder and CEO of Singapore Luxury Homes, has a wealth of experience in the real estate sector. Her journey began with a strong foundation in property management and sales, which quickly evolved into a passion for luxury real estate. Sunita’s keen eye for detail and deep understanding of the market have made her a sought-after expert in high-end property transactions.

Sunita’s leadership at Singapore Luxury Homes focuses on creating bespoke experiences for clients, ensuring they find properties that match their unique tastes and investment goals. Her commitment to excellence and personalized service has earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor in the luxury real estate market.

Kaizar Karkaria: The Investment Guru

Kaizar Karkaria, the other half of this dynamic duo, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in real estate investment. As the Head of Investments at Singapore Luxury Homes, Kaizar’s strategic insights and ability to identify lucrative opportunities have significantly contributed to the firm’s success. His background includes senior roles in investment banking and real estate firms across Singapore, Southeast Asia, and beyond.

Kaizar’s expertise lies in portfolio optimization and strategic asset allocation, helping clients achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns. His approach combines thorough due diligence with innovative investment strategies, ensuring clients receive the best possible advice and opportunities in the market.

Achievements and Impact

Together, Sunita and Kaizar have built Singapore Luxury Homes into one of the top real estate teams in Singapore. Their combined efforts have resulted in over $2 billion in sales, showcasing their ability to close high-value deals and satisfy discerning clients. Their portfolio includes some of Singapore’s most prestigious properties, from luxury condominiums to exclusive landed estates.

The couple’s success is not just measured by their sales figures but also by the trust and relationships they have built with their clients. They are known for their transparency, dedication, and ability to exceed client expectations consistently.

Giving Back to the Community

Beyond their professional achievements, Sunita and Kaizar are also committed to philanthropy and community service. They actively support organizations that promote women’s growth and aid underprivileged children. Their philanthropic efforts reflect their belief in using their success to make a positive impact on society.

Looking Ahead

As they continue to grow Singapore Luxury Homes, Sunita and Kaizar are focused on expanding their reach and influence in the luxury real estate market. They aim to leverage technology and innovative marketing strategies to provide even more value to their clients. Their vision for the future includes not only expanding their business but also enhancing the quality of service and experience they offer.


Sunita Gill and Kaizar Karkaria exemplify the power of collaboration and expertise in the luxury real estate market. Their combined skills and passion have transformed Singapore Luxury Homes into a leading name in the industry. As they continue to innovate and excel, Sunita and Kaizar remain dedicated to their clients and their community, setting new standards for success and service in luxury real estate.

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