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SunExpress Airlines Makes Historic Deal at Dubai Airshow 2023

SunExpress Airlines made waves on the first day of the Dubai Airshow 2023 by announcing a historic agreement with Boeing.

On the inaugural day of Dubai Airshow 2023, SunExpress Airlines made headlines by announcing a groundbreaking deal with Boeing to purchase up to 90 aircraft. 

Max Kownatzki, CEO of SunExpress Airlines, revealed that this move is part of its ambitious plan to more than double its fleet within a decade.

Record-Breaking Order in Aviation History:

CEO Max Kownatzki emphasized the deal’s significance: “It is the largest order in the history of SunExpress.” The Turkish-German carrier secured its position as the first airline to unveil such a monumental agreement at the airshow, signaling a pivotal moment in the company’s 33-year history.

The Future of Aerospace Industry Unveiled:

The announcement occurred under the overarching theme of ‘The Future of the Aerospace Industry’ at the 18th edition of the Dubai Airshow. 

The event, spanning until November 17, serves as a platform for industry leaders and innovators to explore emerging trends and opportunities in aviation, space, and defense.

Details of the Boeing Deal:

SunExpress Airlines has signed a significant agreement with Boeing to purchase 90 737 MAX aircraft, known for their sustainability and fuel efficiency. 

The initial order consists of 45 firm orders, five options, and 40 purchase rights. Of these, 28 will be MAX-8, 17 MAX-10, while the options and purchase rights are for MAX-8.

Historic Moment in a Year-Long Negotiation:

The CEO revealed that discussions between SunExpress Airlines and Boeing had been ongoing for 12 months. The airline’s first order includes 45 firm orders, with 10 aircraft expected to be received by 2027. 

Kownatzki expressed the historic nature of the moment and the significance of this major step in the airline’s growth strategy.

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