Successful Hybrid Election Reflects UAE’s Digital Transformation

The UAE’s Federal National Council (FNC) recently held its first-ever hybrid election, marking a significant milestone in its electoral history. 

According to a top official, the success of this election underscores the UAE’s commitment to digital transformation.

Combining Remote and Electronic Voting:

This groundbreaking election featured a combination of remote and electronic voting methods. Voters could cast their ballots from inside or outside the country through remote voting, while electronic voting occurred at 24 polling centers located across the UAE. 

The high turnout among members of the electoral colleges demonstrated the public’s engagement in the electoral process.

 Smooth and Efficient Process:

Dr. Mohammed Hamad Al Kuwaiti, Chairman of the UAE Cyber Security Council, lauded the seamless execution of the election process. 

He emphasized the importance of this moment in the context of the UAE’s ongoing digital transformation efforts.

A Symbol of Technological Advancement:

Al Kuwaiti noted that the hybrid election showcased the UAE’s embrace of advanced technologies and heightened awareness of digital trends. It served as a testament to the nation’s progress in the digital landscape.

The Merits of Online Voting:

The preface of online voting and traditional electronic voting enhanced the efficiency and accessibility of the electoral process. 

Voters could participate remotely via dedicated applications or use on-site kiosks at polling centers.

Al Kuwaiti stressed that the election’s organizers implemented robust security measures, including full end-to-end encryption, in partnership with reputable third-party organizations. 

They adhered to international laws and standards, ensuring the integrity of the electoral process.

A Smooth and Positive Experience:

A smooth and efficient operation characterized the election. Al Kuwaiti emphasized the positive experiences of voters, from their arrival at polling centers to the completion of their participation.

This historic hybrid election demonstrated the UAE’s dedication to embracing digital transformation. 

It showcased the successful integration of technology into its electoral processes, ensuring accessibility, security, and efficiency for all participants.

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