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Stunt Ends in Horror: Five Young Men Injured in Al Ruwayyah Desert Crash

After indulging in dangerous stunts in the Al Ruwayyah desert area, a group of five young men were injured in a terrifying crash.

A group of five young men, aged between 18 and 20, suffered injuries in a horrifying crash after engaging in dangerous stunts in the Al Ruwayyah desert area, as reported by Dubai Police on Tuesday. 

The incident unfolded when the 19-year-old Emirati driver, identified as M.A.M., was recklessly performing stunts in the sandy terrain, leading to a sudden swerve that resulted in the vehicle overturning.

Overturned Vehicle and Injuries:

Major-General Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, the General Department of Traffic director at Dubai Police, revealed that the reckless driving and stunts led to the S.U.V. overturning. 

The crash resulted in wounds to the driver and four passengers, with the severity ranging from moderate to severe. Upon receiving the accident report around 9 pm on Monday, traffic patrols took prompt action.

Swift Response and Hospitalization:

In response to the incident, Dubai Police swiftly dispatched traffic patrols to the scene. 

The wrecked S.U.V., depicted in a provided image, bore evident signs of the severity of the crash, with smashed windshields and windows. 

The injured driver and passengers were promptly transported to a hospital for medical attention and treatment.

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