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Strict Penalties for Traffic Violations During National Day Celebrations

During the National Day celebrations, Dubai authorities took decisive action against traffic safety infractions.

Dubai authorities have taken decisive action against traffic safety violations during National Day celebrations, with dozens of drivers fined and their vehicles confiscated. 

A total of 4,420 dangerous violations, ranging from reckless driving to unauthorized parades, were recorded, resulting in the seizure of 94 cars and motorcycles.

Stringent Penalties for Offenders:

Maj-Gen Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, Director of the General Department of Traffic at the Dubai Police, emphasized that offenders would face strict penalties under Decree 30, including fines of up to Dh50,000 for vehicle release. The crackdown targeted various violations, ensuring public safety during the festivities.

Most infractions were reported in Al Ruwayyah, Jumeirah, and other residential zones. Disturbances at desert camps, including loud music, reckless stunts, and traffic obstruction, were among the numerous offenses documented by authorities.

Diverse Offenses and Unlawful Activities:

Aside from reckless driving, the list of offenses included:

  • Overloading vehicles.
  • Protruding body parts from windows and sunroofs.
  • Use of party spray.
  • Obscuring license plates.
  • Unauthorized vehicle modifications.
  • Unlicensed engine changes.

Changing vehicle color and tinting or coloring front windows were also cited as violations.

Appeal to Parents for Supervision:

Maj-Gen Al Mazrouei appealed to parents to closely monitor the driving behaviors of their youths. Stressing the importance of parental supervision, he highlighted its role in fostering positive behaviors and reducing the risk of serious traffic accidents, fatalities, and severe road injuries.

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